• Is it mandatory to take part in both components of the course (soft and hard skills)?

Yes, the IAM @ APDC Digital Academy approach differs from the rest of the market because of how it fuses two traditionally separated aspects of traning. Combining soft skills with technological training is to us the only viable solution to fix existing gaps that have already been identified by organizations.

  • Can I take part in only 1 course?

Yes, you will be certified for each module of the course. However, to obtain Microsoft Professional Program Certificate you need to complete all 3 courses.

  • Can I do the technical skills part of course 1 and the soft skills of course 3?

Currently, courses are designed to have both technical and soft skill components. At the present stage, every course has a specific and fixed soft skills program.

  • Is certification included in tuition prices?

Yes, all certification costs are included in the referred price.

  • Is there a time-table that I need to uphold, are there any sort of time constraints regarding e-learning training?

E-learning training is self-paced, which means that every student can allocate as many hours to the course as he deems fit. However, there are specific windows of time in which the course must be concluded.

  • Do you have a physical space where I can undertake the e-learning training?

Yes, there will be a physical space. It depends on the city where you are doing the course.

  • What is the schedule for in person training?

Well, it depends on the specific module. Training will be carried out on Fridays and Saturdays between 9 am and 18 pm, inside said time window.

  • Who are your instructors?

We have multiple mentors in the multiple available areas, instructors and professionals associated with some of our partners like MyChange, Trendz or IPCB.

  • Who is the typical candidate for your training, who should I send your way?

There is no typical candidate or an ideal candidate at that. However, this Academy is intended for people who value training and continuous learning, intending to acquire new skills and preparing themselves for the challenges of the digital transformation.

  • What will set people enrolled in your courses apart from others not partaking in them?

People enrolled in the Digital Academy will acquire new technical skills and more in-depth knowledge of the digital world. Becoming more self-aware and aware of your own impact on your relationships with others. Adding the ability to better manage and experience change results in being better prepared for future challenges and preparing you for changes in the corporate world and in the labor market.

  • For what type of job description is the course most appropriate?

All, or almost all. It’s especially suitable for team leaders, project leaders, and workers who are not managers but influence and make a difference in the organization.

  • Where can I go to enroll at this moment?

Pre-registration can be done in our website, in the courses page.

  • If, for some reason, I have to miss a class, can I access the course materials on-line?

Yes, the on-line training platform will have summaries and contents taught in each class which can be accessed at any time for the duration of the course. Keep in mind, that the information available in the platform isn’t the complete class but a rundown what is taught.

  • Will absences be accounted for?

Yes, students are required to be present for at least 90% of total hours of the course.

  • Are you available for other training partnerships in the future? Why not choose organizations that are already partners with APDC?

Yes, we are always available to negotiate new partnerships, in the present and future. Our choices did not take that in to consideration, however, we already have partnerships in place with some of APDC’s associates.